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Singer, songwriter and producer Will Jordan releases his latest EP, Deep Sleep.

Following his Journey To The Land of The Lost series of EPs, Deep Sleep was written while Jordan was going through a period of great personal challenges.

In his own words:

“Deep sleep is where the most growth, problem solving and rejuvenation happens. It's also when your dreams disappear and you process memories. It’s when you're the furthest away from the rest of the world. Most of the time it happens when you're in a dark place.”

Writing music as catharsis isn’t a new concept to the Tacoma, WA artist, who has been songwriting since he was a child and has writing credits for a slew of musicians including Nicki Minaj. Jordan also produces and sings every track on this opus.

In this honest outpouring, Jordan’s musical pen touches on the stark reality of heartbreak, piecing life back together when it appears to fall apart and finding a way out of the fog. Married with silky vocals and synth-driven, soulful electronic production, Jordan delivers a set of tracks to awaken every listener.

Written, produced and performed by Will Jordan